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Birth Registration and Legal Identity for Children in Zimbabwe - Field Visit, November 2015

IPE Africa | News | January 27, 2016 IST

Birth Registration and Legal Identity for Children in Zimbabwe - Field Visit, November 2015

In November 2015, IPE Triple Line's Maite Smet visited Buluwayo Province, Zimbabwe where Zimbabwe Educational Trust is implementing a project funded by DFID's Global Poverty Action Fund, addressing improved awareness of the importance of birth and death certification and provision of legal advice and services.

Many children in Zimbabwe who have either been born in South Africa to migrant parents or have been orphaned, do not benefit from birth registration documents.  This has meant they are not able to access vital services such as education, inheritance and government support.  The project is addressing a highly relevant challenge and is working with families to help them obtain vital birth registration documents for the children in their care.  Zimbabwe Educational Trust and its national implementing partner, Trinity Project Trust which has an in-depth understanding of the issues and needs, work together to raise awareness on issues relating to birth registration and facilitate provision of free legal advice.

The visit confirmed the relevance of the project and its effective work with families and local officials.  In depth discussions took place on the newly developed plans to advocate for changes in the system and support was provided in thinking through how best to measure progress and success and to make the most of the project's remaining timeframe and budget.

The visit was on behalf of IPE Triple Line in joint venture with Crown Agents who were fund managers for DFID's Global Poverty Action Fund until 31 December 2015.

We wish Zimbabwe Education Trust and Trinity Project Trust all the best in delivering such an important service and fulfilling an essential basic right for the children of Zimbabwe.

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