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Stanslous Keya Stanslous Keya

Financial Management • Budget Preparation and Management • Donor Funds Management • Project Management

Stanslous is the Finance and Compliance Manager and a key player in leadingthe operations of IPE  Africa. He also oversees the attainment of the Board policies and the overall organisational goals and objectives.

He has over 9 years of experience at senior management levels in various successful national and international organisations. He has previously worked for Kampala University, IntervitaOnlus (We World), Sight Africa Initiative and Kenya School of Government in various senior positions. He is a financial consultant at World Restoration Jaw Bone Housing Cooperative and to various local and international organisations, actively involved in advocacy, lobbying and community awareness on gender with extensive exposure and experience in financial and development issues.

Stanslousis a Certified Public Accountant – Kenya (CPA-K) and holds Master of Business Administration (Accounting) degree from the University of Eastern Africa Baraton.He is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.

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