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Programmatic Review and Country Context Analysis on Gender

IPE Africa | News | February 27, 2017 IST

Programmatic Review and Country Context Analysis on Gender

Photo Courtesy: Leeshypooh at Pixabay.


We have won a project with the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance (JLG) and United Nations Children Fund in Somalia to undertake a programme gender review and a brief country context analysis with the view to strengthen gender mainstreaming efforts and respond to key gender inequalities for integration into the JPLG III and UNICEF new country programme and strategic plans to be developed by both programmes in support of Somalia.


The objectives are to undertake a country context analysis providing an overview on key opportunities and challenges to practicing gender equality in Somalia to inform the JLG III and the new UNICEF country programme development processes respectively. We will also undertake interviews with government counterparts in Somaliland, Puntland and Mogadishu; group discussions with youth across Somalia to understand their needs and aspirations including their environement to determine opportunities and challenges for a better life and also conduct a gender audit of both the JPLG and UNICEF programmes.

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