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Baseline Survey for Strengthening the Electoral Process in Kenya

IPE Africa | News | March 21, 2017 IST

Baseline Survey for Strengthening the Electoral Process in Kenya

Our recent project win involves the undertaking of a baseline survey of electoral reform in Kenya and assess the institutional strength of key institutions of democracy to promote credible, transparent and peaceful elections in Kenya. The SEPK is being implemented by UNDP through a multi-donor basket fund. So far, the EU Delegation to Kenya, the UK Government through its Department for International Development and the US Government through the United States Agency for International Development have committed their support to the basket.


There project has started with focus group discussions on the strengthening of the electoral processes. We are visiting 28 constituencies across the country and would have met over 1000 citizens post completion of the tour.


The Strengthening the Electoral Processes in Kenya project is designed to consolidate and build on the gains made from the constitutional transition process and the 2013 elections to strengthen and develop sustainable and effective election institutions, systems and processes. This project grounds electoral assistance within the democratic governance framework and the electoral cycle.  This project will tap on UN agency comparative advantages and reflect the UN delivering as one principles in its implementation as programmatic strengths of the various UN agencies will be leveraged for greater impact.


Key thematic areas integrated throughout SEPK are strengthened documentation and communications, increased institutional efficiency and compliance, inclusiveness especially of women, youth and disability, and accountability.  Project activities and results will focus around four main areas: i)   strengthened institutional and legal framework for the electoral processes; ii)  strengthened participation of voters, parties and candidates in the electoral process with emphasis on women, youth and disabled; iii) delivery of more efficient, transparent and peaceful elections; and iv)  strengthened electoral justice and increased compliance with the electoral framework.

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